Adogran is a formulated bulk powder consisting of coated granules containing
S-Adenosyl-L-Methinonine (SAMe).

This innovative formulation is available in two different grades ("high dosage" and "low dosage") with superior organoleptic properties versus SAMe.


> Technical Information
Grade: Oral
Packing size: 1 Kg - 5 Kg - 25 Kg, in LDPE bags
High Dosage formulation: SAMe ion assay greater than 38%
Low Dosage formulation: SAMe ion assay greater than 32%

Coated granules protect SAMe from possible interaction with environmental factors and/or other ingredients added in finished formulations, guaranteeing availability of active substance when it is taken orally. Adogran is suitable for human and animal consumption and finds its best application when dosed in capsules and sachets.
















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