A critical step toward the application of Adonat® in the pharmaceutical and nutritional fields has been the development of salts that provide sufficient stability with superior quality throughout the shelf life of the product.

Specific aspects of this superior quality include better stability of the compound, less degradation, adequate absorption after oral administration, and adequate penetration into the targeted organs.


Gnosis has more than 20 years of experiences in manufacturing S-Adenosyl-methionine, and has developed and patented the production method and the related purification technology for stable salts, using a selected highly productive yeast and using fermentation technologies which generate a superior quality of the ingredient.

> Technical Information
Grade: Oral
Packing size: 10 kg - 25 kg, in LDPE bags
(S,S) Isomer: Greater than 75%
Certifications: Kosher, KOF-K

Adonat® is suitable for nutritional application in the form of disulphate ptoluensulfonate salt. It contains more than 75% of (S,S) isomer, recognized as the effective bioavailable form of the ingredient, and is totally obtained through a biofermentation process in a pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.












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