Most of the active compounds manufactured by Gnosis are sensitive to environmental factors as light, moisture and oxygen. Gnosis has developed several formulations to increase the stability of finished products.

Gnosis's formulation pipeline counts different oral-solid dosages such as:

> Capsules and tablets

Technological coating processes allow to control the release of a given active ingredient from a device such as tablet during its transit through the gastrointestinal tract, in order to improve gastrointestinal tolerability and/or to protect the active ingredient during the manufacturing process of the tablets and the whole shelf-life till the expiration date of product.


> Mouth-soluble and effervescent granulates

Composition of effervescent tablets and mouth-soluble granulates are convenient, attractive and rapidly disintegrable with rapid drug absorption through the oral mucosa to achieve fast onset of action and bioavailability.

Gnosis has developed formulations containing SAM-e, Glutathione and CoQ10.

> Swallowing and chewable formulations

Swallowing tablets and chewing gum enable rapid release of active ingredients and more rapid therapeutic action compared to per-oral dosage forms. They also have superior organoleptic properties compared to other dosage forms; it has a more attractive appeal and offers the patient active control over the treatment.


> Microencapsulated pellets

Microencapsulation is a technological method commonly used for the protection of a wide range of small bioactive substances (peptides, vitamins, enzymes and hormones) and live microorganism cells such as bacteria and yeasts (probiotics).

Microencapsulation is generally designed to entrap a bioactive core with the aim of immobilized, protect, release and structure it, showing an excellent capacity to protect bioactive molecules against temperature, humidity, and acidic conditions reducing its reactivity to environmental conditions and allowing a controlled release of these compounds during the passage through the gastrointestinal tract.

Several products designed by Gnosis are available as microencapsulated powder or pellets such as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Nattokinase and Probiotics.

Each of these special solid-oral preparations have been registered and patented and are currently part of Gnosis's intellectual property.

Gnosis know-how is offered to all customers that can develop special formulations or buy semi-finished and finished products as turn key solutions.


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