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Founded in 1989 under the name of “Gnosis”, a technical term used throughout Greek philosophy to define “experience knowledge” in contrast to ”theoretical knowledge”, Gnosis products are the result of long researches and tests, fine-tuned on the basis of the direct experience of scientists.

Gnosis is a biotechnology company specialized in the development, manufacturing and sale of fermentation-derived raw materials and natural finished products for use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, veterinary, cosmetic and agricultural industries.

With its team of highly qualified and competent specialists, Gnosis is able to offer bulk APIs and functional ingredients adapted to market trends and tailored to specific customer needs.

The high quality standards of its proprietary items are achieved and guaranteed thanks to the collaboration between a solid R&D centre and two European manufacturing sites approved by cGMP.

Since its inception, Gnosis has experienced strong growth and its potential has been noted by well-known companies in the industry, including Lesaffre, the world's largest producer of yeast, with whom Gnosis has recently shared the majority of its quotes.

Gnosis owns skills and scientific expertise - from development
to production - in microbial fermentation, purification, chemical modification
and analysis of molecules derived from yeasts and bacteria.