is a revolutionary patent pending product with improved stability and fast
SAM-e release in the form of mouth-soluble granulate.

The special formulation brings an improved stability through reducing SAM-e hygroscopic properties, due to the action of a specific blend designed to remove water from the powder during the preparation of the finished dosage form.

This innovative SAM-e formulation guarantees a direct release of active ingredients in the mouth; absorption through mucous membrane in the mouth guarantees fast and quick SAM-e availability in the blood.


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Grade: Oral
Packing size: 5 kg - 25 kg, in LDPE bags
Dosage form: White orodispersible granulate with lemon taste
SAM-e ion (S,S isomer) Assay: Greater than 65%

Samespresso® is extremely simply to take; formulated in stick packs or sachets it can be carried comfortably and can be assumed easily without water.














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