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With more than 300 employees working worldwide, Gnosis Group operates successfully in Europe, America and Asia.

The group consists of the headquarter located in Desio (northern Italy) with its highly valued R&D centre, two GMP approved production sites (in Switzerland and southern Italy) and two commercial offices (in USA and China).

The corporate headquarters in Desio drives commercial operations across Europe and around the world, and provides support to its facilities with great attention to quality, safety, health and environmental responsibility.

The highly innovative and sophisticated R&D centre, equipped with the most modern research laboratories, represents the hearth of Gnosis activities, where biologically active products come to life and are scaled-up to be transferred to our cGMP approved manufacturing plants.

Recently renovated to host a new department dedicated to formulations, the R&D centre is responsible for new product development through the integration of industrial microbiology, biofermentation, chemical synthesis and downstream processing.

  • Logistics & Procurement

  • Quality & Regulatory

  • Pre-Clinical and Clinical studies

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Isolation, development and maintenance of proprietary industrial strains of microbial species for nutritional and pharmaceutical industries

  • Fermentation of bacteria, yeasts and molds

  • Industrial process development from lab scale to pilot for final transfer to cGMP approved sites

  • Downstream processes for purification methodologies and extraction of active ingredients derived from fermented biomasses

  • Analytical development for characterization of the whole production process and of finished products

  • Advanced chemical synthesis and semi-synthesis

  • Formulation development

  • 15%: Gnosis people employed in R&D centre

  • 2,800 m2: area dedicated to R&D laboratories

  • 16 pilot fermenters (from 0,5 to 300 liters of capacity)

  • Chromatographic columns and dryers

  • Nano, ultra and microfiltration systems

  • Supercritical extraction

  • Liquid chromatography: HPLC, UPLC, MS

  • Gas chromatography: GC-FID, GC-MS

  • Solid state analysis: FT-IR, DSC, PSD

  • Batch and continuous synthesis from bench scale to KiloLAB

  • 2,000 m2: area dedicated to offices

  • 1 conference room with capacity of 50 people

  • 4 meeting rooms

Through extensive know-how and remarkable experience in biotech operations, Sant'Antonino plant provides process development, scale-up and manufacturing of fermentation based compounds including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Nutraceuticals.

The downstream processes are designed to meet environmental, health and safety challenges by using water-based purification technologies.

Since 2005 Gnosis Bioresearch SA is GMP approved and is authorized by Swissmedic for the production of non-sterile APIs.

  • Fermentation process

  • Scaling-up/scaling-down processes

  • Strain testing

  • Downstream processes with water-based purification technology

  • Dedicated clean area for final automatic packaging system

  • Process Control System (DCS) for management of manufacturing activities in remote mode

  • Swissmedic, Anvisa, FDA approved

  • Kosher, Halal certifications

  • More than 110 employees

  • Total plant area of 24,000 m2

  • 350 m2 of laboratories of analysis (microbiological and chemical)

  • Over 150 m3 of fermentation capacity

  • 4 areas of micro and ultrafiltration

  • 3 drying areas

  • 3 clean areas

  • 3 dedicated clean areas for final packaging

  • Water-based purification technology

Pisticci Operations is the most recent manufacturing site and integrates a multipurpose plant used for the production of fermentation-derived and chemical synthesis-derived bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

The plant, which is cGMP certificated, is fully controlled by DCS (Distributed Control Systems), a modern computerized system enabling management of manufacturing activities in remote mode.

  • Production of bulk APIs derived from fermentation and chemical synthesis

  • Scaling-up/scaling-down processes

  • Modular structure supporting modern multi-product manufacturing with different process configurations

  • Production process flows controlled remotely through DCS

  • FDA, AIFA approved

  • HACCP, ISO 22000, Kosher, Halal certifications

  • More than 90 employees

  • Total plant area of 133,000 m2

  • 15,000 m2 available for further expansion

  • Over 350 m3 of fermentation capacity

  • Authorized for BL2 and GMOs

The North American Branch Office (Doylestown, USA) is responsible for providing client-oriented services and developing Gnosis marketing plans in the United States and Canada.

With a long and well-established presence on the market, Gnosis has selected Doylestown, Pennsylvania, as the home of Gnosis USA Inc. The Branch Office has been established to better serve existing customers and cultivate relationships in the United States and Canada.

  • Cross-functional link between a wide North American client portfolio and Gnosis European technical and manufacturing network

  • Customer-driven for improving both innovation and marketing effectiveness

  • Responsible for distribution and logistics services

Gnosis China is part of Gnosis' expansion strategy on new emerging markets and it is able to recognize the different business opportunities of the various territories and respond with effective and timely services, in order to enhance product performance.

The sales office creates a cross-functional structure between Gnosis' European technical and manufacturing network and the market, defining an effective entry strategy to meet geographical regulations and ensure competitive advantages to its current and future client portfolio.

Flexible, customer-driven and integrated in the territories, it recognizes the major strenghts through business planning and analysis by offering a competitive product positioning on the market.

  • Business planning and analysis to establish commercial relationships in growing markets

  • Cross-functional activities between the European technical and manufacturing network and local markets