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The KEY CONCEPTS of the naturally-fermented vitamin K2 as MK7

January 15th, 2020

Offering a better-performing Vitamin K2 as MK7 is one of the crucial keys of success of vitaMK7®.

VitaMK7® is the naturally-fermented vitamin K2 as MK7 produced by Gnosis by Lesaffre through a proprietary patent process from the Bacillus subtilis natto, the only clinically validated source of ingredient, the solution to have European traceable-origin manufacturing without intermediaries or brokers and avoiding a synthetic ingredient.

The monitored supply chain, the offered clean label and the suitability to be formulated with calcium salt ingredients - due to its real high purity and tested stability - powerfully differentiate vitaMK7® from the other vitamin K2 ingredients on the market.

Discover the key concepts that make VitaMK7® unique on the market in this new tool!