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Learn how to enhance your health: next edition of VitaMK7® Pulse is about to be published

February 26th, 2018

Vitamin K2 as MK7 represents the best solution for improving bone and cardiovascular health, since it ensures calcium deposit in the bone mass and protects arteries and tissues from calcification. 

If you are not yet convinced of the exceptional benefits of VitaMK7®, do not miss the opportunity to read the 1st issue 2018 of VitaMK7® Pulse, our newsletter service entirely dedicated to vitamin K2 as MK7. 

VitaMK7® is the only natural and pure MK7 with a >99% all-trans composition, allergens and soy-free, without preservatives or additives, obtained through a patented natural biofermentation process of the Bacillus subtilis ssp natto and purified with the most innovative technologies which ensure a total absence of unknown and unidentified chemical impurities.
Follow VitaMK7® scientific updates to learn more about VitaMK7®, the only European fermented vitamin K2 as MK7 manufactured and supplied exclusively by Gnosis!