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Gnosis, a field of innovation and improvements, at the 2018 Food Science and Technology Innovation Forum

March 22nd, 2018

Great turnout for Gnosis’ speech at the 2018 Food Science and Technology Innovation Forum, one of the Chinese leading event concerning innovative ingredients and solutions for the nutraceutical industry. Once again, Gnosis looks to the future: the participation in this event reflects its innovative approach with an eye always kept on nature and its essential teachings. 

As one of the leading company for innovation in science, we couldn’t miss a great occasion to show benefits and advantages of our VitaMK7® to a passionate audience of about 300 people, and at the same time an excellent chance for practitioners to increase their knowledge about nutritional industry. We are focused on the continuous enhancement of human health and well-being and so our range of products is constantly growing and gaining great success all over the world. 

VitaMK7® is the optimal vitamin K2 as MK7: a naturally derived, pure, all-trans, soy- and solvent-free vitamin K2 in the form of menaquinone-7 (MK7). Supplementation with VitaMK7® is essential for the function of several calcium-binding proteins involved in the maintenance of the normal structure of osteoarticular system, teeth, arterial wall, and for the regulation of cell growth.

Gnosis wants to confirm the success of its effective and quality products and the strength of its innovative concepts designed to create new ideas for safely improving human health and always keeping an eye on the surrounding world. Thank you to all who attended the speech, see you to our next events, come and meet us!