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Gnosis chooses to run in favor of sport, health and social integration

April 16th, 2018

Last April 8th Gnosis attended the Milano Marathon 2018 supporting the Charity Program with a donation in favor of RunChallenge PlayMore!, the NonProfit Organization which promotes sport, health and social integration.

The run started from Corso Venezia (Milan) and Gnosis team, which took part in the relay running through the city center, shared every gained second rediscovering the concept of counting on each other and the importance of sport for good health!

Gnosis has decided to support Run Challenge, whose project aims to make the race accessible to everyone, beyond any difference and prejudice. This non-profit association welcomes athletes with intellectual and relational disabilities, who run together with volunteers wishing to join this special training.

Gnosis always pays great attention to charity and has shown once again that physical activity and a joint team make this world a better place!

Look at Gnosis team with the official red T-shirts: