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VitaMK7® purity profile conquered also Vitafoods Europe 2018!

May 18th, 2018

Vitafoods Europe 2018, the annual event attracting all nutraceutical companies of the world, ended yesterday afternoon with a great success for Gnosis and in particular for VitaMK7®,  a product offered by Gnosis to support bones and the cardiovascular system with proven efficacy.

Let’s discover why our product is so successful in such a competitive market.

First of all, VitaMK7® is natural as it derives from the biofermentation of the Bacillus subtilis, the native bacterium needed to produce the Japanese natto, naturally rich in Vitamin K2. No other types of Bacillus are used by Gnosis, to guarantee a final product of undistinguishable natural purity.

Also, thanks to the natural purification process to which it is subjected, vitaMK7® boasts a very high content of MK7 active isomer (>99% all-trans) and an incomparable pure profile, for safety and high stability of the ingredient also in formulations and under stressed conditions.

Without the use of chemicals, solvents, additives, stabilizers or preservatives during production, we can proudly state that VitaMK7® is totally allergen-free, and therefore also suitable for people with dietary or ethical restrictions. 

A chain of benefits for everyone: that’s why VitaMK7® is gaining more and more friends in the world!