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Gnosis presents “vitaMK7®: beyond vitamin K2. Reveal on purity, stability & health benefits”

August 8th, 2018

Gnosis is glad to announce its first workshop on vitamin K2 in China entitled “vitaMK7®: beyond vitamin K2. Reveal on purity, stability & health benefits”.

The event will be held next September 13th , 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel in Guangzhou (China).

In collaboration with the HealthCare Food Profession Association of Guangdong Province, Gnosis will highlight the clinical evidence, research progress and trends of vitamin K2, the “old vitamin” that is becoming an innovation point for many application fields of the nutraceutical world.  

Experts and key opinion leaders will reveal the results of the latest studies & clinical trials on vitamin K2, and its emerging role as a key factor in bone and cardiovascular health. Among them, we mention Prof. Luca Tiano, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences University of Marche (Italy), one of the global leading experts in Vitamin K2 as MK7, who held important speeches and conferences on this subject all over the world.

This event will be a great opportunity to learn more about the competitive and deceiving market of the vitamin K2 and to find out the many real advantages of vitaMK7®.

VitaMK7® is the natural, pure and stable form of vitamin K2 as MK7, produced by Gnosis in its European manufacturing site; thanks to its natural origin and totally allergen-free features, it is also suitable for people with particular dietary or ethical restrictions.

Gnosis believes in science and wants to promote scientific innovation in every possible way. Stay connected to discover more about vitamin K2 and our scientific seminar in Guangzhou (China)!