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Discover the new leaflet of vitaMK7® - the optimal vitamin K2

September 24th, 2018

Gnosis is pleased to show you the new leaflet of vitaMK7®. With its clean and understandable graphics, the brochure has been designed to allow readers to easily grasp the main concepts of one of Gnosis's flagship products. 

Natural, Pure, Stable and Reliable: these are the four key words that distinguish vitaMK7® and that immediately draw attention on the cover. From the very first pages, the field of application is clear: vitaMK7® helps to improve bone and heart health

Then, thanks to the clean profile of vitaMK7®, you will also discover its excellent stability data – 4 years at room temperature - and remarkable assay recovery to short time light exposure (48h). In formulation vitaMK7® shows an optimal stability, even when subjected to stressed conditions such as 40°C/75% RH.

By browsing through the brochure, through highlights, images and simple graphics, you will discover the secrets that have made it one of the top products of Gnosis, so extraordinary and suitable for everyone.

If you haven't yet acquired the key features of vitaMK7®, then ask for the new brochure about the only natural vitamin K2 as MK7 to