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This solution offers advantages for the following functional areas:

Phosphocomplex® is the bioavailable Sylibin, in the form of a lipid-compatible active compound where the Silybin has been complexed with phospholipids.

Silybin is the most abundant and potent constituent of silymarin, the most active ingredient of milk thistle plant (Silybum marianum) that has been extensively studied for its benefits in liver health. Through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, the Silybin contained in Phosphocomplex® has the capacity to protect and normalize liver functions, also promoting the production of glutathione.

Unfortunately, Silybin has a poor intestinal absorption and a low bioavailability.

In Phosphocomplex®, the phospholipid complexation of Silybin occurs with phospatidylcholine, which is an important emulsifier in the gastrointestinal tract and improves the capacity of the Silybin to cross the lipid-rich bio-membranes and reach circulation, resulting in enhanced bioavailability.

Phosphocomplex® has a better bioavailability than standardized silymarin extract and a higher antioxidant activity.

Phosphocomplex® offers enhanced stability and synergic effect with the phosphatidylcholine for hepatoprotection and liver health:

  • Standardized starting material (≥29% to ≤37% of Silybin by HPLC)
  • Natural chemical complex specifically identifiable with improved oral bioavailability
  • Suitable for different formulations such as tablets, capsules and topical dosage forms
  • Easy handling and storage